Voice Features

Spend less time dialing, and more time in conversation

Double the call volume and efficiency of organizers with Solidarity Tech’s built-in calling tools

Built-in calling means you never have to log another call

Every incoming and outgoing call is automatically logged, saving organizer time and giving leaders a clear picture of your organizing activity. Affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing will reduce your phone bill.

Have your outgoing calls answered

Use local phone numbers of your choice, as a consistent, shared organizational numbers through which calls and texts are sent and received to your contacts. Use Branded Calls to have your organization's name show up on caller ID.

Reach more contacts with less effort.

Built-in phonebanks to meet your goals

Choose the appropriate phonebank types (1-to-1 assignments, power dialer, or predictive dialer) to fit your goal.

High-performance predictive dialer

Increase the number of calls your team can make in an hour by 400%, using our best-in-class predictive dialer.

Phonebank with just your mobile phone

No need to have your team use a computer for notes or manually dialing. Everything happens on their phone.

Automatic record of every call & text your team makes

Having all your communications data automatically stored in Solidarity Tech makes it easy to segment and target your list based exactly the criteria you need.

Turn casual online supporters into real-life organizers

Let volunteer-organizers grow your movement

Build leadership by assigning volunteers the meaningful work of developing relationships over the phone with supporters.

Scheduled calls with interested new prospects

Let supporters choose when they’re available to talk with an organizer and bring them into the movement.

Tools to manage your scheduled call program

Our suite of tools helps you manage missed scheduled calls, ensure a wide call availability, offer scheduled calls in any number of languages, and much more.

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