Reporting Features

Gain valuable insights from your data and make smart decisions

Reporting analytics give you a holistic view of your entire organization: people, calls, texts, web activity, donations and more.

Performance tracking made easy and automatic

Data to help you coach your volunteers & staff

Gain real-time insights into organizer performance with dynamic reports. Dig deeper by comparing to previous periods and applying filters for team members or groups.

Identify and overcome roadblocks

Is an organizer over-extending themself? Are calls too brief to make meaningful connections? Help coach your team to improve your team’s abilities.

Compare your data over time periods

Analyze KPIs over time to ensure your team stays on course to meet your goals.

Stay informed on the metrics that matter to your team

Track your KPIs

Closely follow your most critical metrics, whether it’s signed union authorization cards or the number of supporters attending orientation meetings.

Monitor assessment changes

Make your leadership development processes measureable and be confident that you always have new leaders ready to step up.

Data export

View your data using our comprehensive reporting charts, or export your data to digest it into your favorite reporting tools.

Donations and dues analytics

View real-time data on your organization’s incoming donations and bank payouts.

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